Shane and Brad

Shane and Brad

Monday, June 11, 2018

Carving The Dickert Rifle

Shane is working on designing and laying off the carving on the custom Dickert rifle. All carving on this rifle will be original designs that pull elements from known Dickert rifles. Shown here is the carving motif around the entry pipe which has been all hand drawn directly onto the stock.

Early Dickert Rifle In Progress

This is a current project that Shane is working on, based on the earliest work of Jacob Dickert that would have a heavy Moravian influence. The rifle features a wrought iron barrel, custom made lock, hand swaged buttplate, muzzle cap and ram rod pipes as well as a shop cast triggerguard and sideplate made from cast sheet brass. All iron components on the rifle have been hand forged and the double set triggers have been completely hand made from bar stock. This early rifle will receive full engraving on the brass patchbox as well as be completely decorated in early style carving.

Friday, April 20, 2018

"A Warrior's Clutch" for the CLA

Here are the French trade gun mounts for the upcoming CLA project titled "A Warrior's Clutch". This project is a collaboration between Ian Pratt, Josh Wrightsman, David Rase, Ken Gahagan and Brad Emig. Josh Wrightsman hand forged the mounts and once they were stocked to the rifle they were handed over to Brad to take care of the engraving. The finished rifle will reflect what a warrior in the mid 18th Century could have carried, and will be auctioned off at this years Contemporary Longrifle Association annual show in Lexington, Kentucky, August 17-18, 2018.