Shane and Brad

Shane and Brad

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Albrecht Rifle by Brad Emig

Brad recently finished this left handed rifle, built in the style of Andreas Albrecht and based off of his work from his earliest years in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The rifle features a custom wrought iron barrel, a reworked Chambers lock and a Curly Ash stock. All other mounts and hardware for the rifle were crafted by hand. The trigger guard and side plate lug were cast here at the shop, the buttplate is hand swaged, the pipes, muzzle cap and patch box were also hand swaged and rolled, the trigger, trigger plate, lock bolts and tang screw were all hand forged, all wood screws and springs were made by hand as well as the two piece rear sight. While this rifle isn’t highly decorated, it’s a great example of early period workmanship that represents early building technology.

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