Shane and Brad

Shane and Brad

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Patch Knife by Shane

Shane just finished up this neat little patch knife for Christmas. The blade measures in at 2 3/4" long with an overall length of 5 1/2". The blade is 1095 spring steel, poured pewter bolster with a hand engraved border and a petite little whitetail deer antler handle.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Fredrick Sell Rifle by Brad Emig

This custom "Fredrick Sell" rifle has been an ongoing project of ours for a little while now. On a rifle such as this we put an extreme amount of time into every detail of the rifle to ensure that it is as accurate to the originals as possible, while simultaneously raising the level of workmanship to the highest level of our ability. This one-off masterpiece rifle displays the work of both Brad and Shane, being a culmination of their skills and effort. The rifle features all completely hand made mounts as well as one of our custom wrought iron barrels. The barrel features a hand forged wrought iron breech plug and hand made brass barrel keepers. The mounts on the rifle include a sand cast trigger guard and butt plate both done here in our shop, hand forged trigger and trigger plate, handmade pierced side plate made from cast sheet brass, hand swaged and filed ram rod pipes, a two piece swaged muzzle cap, hand made four piece brass patch box with pierced side plates, handmade toe plate with all hand made patch box release, handmade Sterling Silver moon inlay in the cheek piece, handmade Sterling Silver wrist inlay, eight hand made escutcheons, all hand made two-piece rear sight from brass and iron as well as a hand made front sight in brass. All architecture was carefully done to mimic the original Frederick Sell rifle. The decorative art on the rifle was done in the style of Fredrick Sell using all 18th Century tools and technology.